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Hello and welcome to my LJ! Here you'll find the older posts to my legacy and picspams!

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[sticky post]Relocation Notice
I've started getting more and more active in the Sims community, which is something entirely new for me. Normally I just lurk and keep to myself and never talk to anyone, online and in real life. It's mostly all on Tumblr that I'm being social, but I'm known on there as Zabadoo. I wanted to change over my LJ name to Zabadoo, but I can't really afford $15 just to change my name. So the second best thing was just make a new account and start over. Unfortunately, that plan backfired as well. The name Zabadoo is attached to a purged account and I can only use it by doing what I can't do, buying a name change token and changing it. So I went to the other alternative, and made my self a Dreamwidth account. From here on out, I'll be posting updates 'n junk on there. This journal will still be up though, and I'll be linking to it from my Dreamwidth too.

So, I guess this is goodbye LiveJournal, it's been fun n such!

Click on over here for my new Sims Journal.

Long days and pleasant nights, Simmers.

The end of a Legacy
Oooo, how dramatic is that title?

I've decided with the coming of The Sims 4, and the lack of playing them in the time before that, that I'm going to stop the Cheeky Legacy. But I'm still gonna have their posts here, their Sims in the Adopt-a-Sim, and them in my TS2 game (unless, god forbid, something happens to the game and I loose everyone.). Sorry to anyone who may have read it and wanted more, or anyone who finds them and likes it or whatever.

While they aren't legacy's, I'd encourage you to check out my PicSpams, that are originally started here and got continued on my Dreamwidth page. I will, more then likely, start a new legacy there at some point. Be it in TS2 or TS4. For TS3, you can check out Nikolai Blackwood on my Simblr.


Trapping's Freckly Lipblend as Default Replacement Lipsticks - OFB and Base Game
Hello folks!

I realized the other day that I had been using the same default makeup for quiet some time now, and it really didn't fit my style anymore. So I went looking for some new ones, and found a little tutorial thing on how to make your own. It looked super easy, so I made my own!  I posted them on my Simblr, so if anyone wants them they are there.
The link is below and it includes more information on them and a picture of all the colors compared to the originals. The original lipblends are by Trapping, I just edited, recolored and defaulted them.

Adopt-a-Sim Update!
Hey folks, I've updated my Adopt-a-Sim to include both the old-new me and the new-new me, as well as Kezia and Susannah from the Grimminck family picspam!

Check it out here :)

See yea around!

Grimminck Family Picspam 8
Hello again! Have some more picspam. It's good for growing boys and girls you know.

Eat your veggies!Collapse )

Grimminck Family Picspam 7
Ah yes, hello again folks! I got a wonderful new graphics card (and pretty much a new everything but HDD and case...) and the gumption to actually play my game after taking some new icon photos, so here's another Grimminck family update! And I know, I know, I keep saying I'll get back to my legacy. And I will, someday. They are all still kicking around, I hope. Knock on wood, cause I haven't loaded them since I reinstalled everything on Sheila Mark III.

Anywhooo, rambling again, here's the picspam!Collapse )

Grimminck Family Picspam 6
So it's totally been a while since I posted last, but hey, here I am. I spend most of my time at Steven's house and away from Sheila, my home computer. It's going to be like that for a few more months, but after that we're moving out together! I'm excited, and that's totally unsim related. But if you want to see more of what I do when I am actually at Steven's house, you can check out my tumblr and stay up to date with my Sims 3 Sim, Nikolai Blackwood. I'm Zabadoo over there, but here's a link right to all of my Nikolai related posts. Without further adieu, here's the Grimminck family picspam update number 6!

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Grimminck Family Picspam 5
Hello hello again! I've recently reinstalled all my CC, and so far no problems! So I started up my Grimminck family to make sure everything was still installed. That and I redid my hair, again.

I have bangs now! And after trying to make my own mesh (Which I actually think I may have succeeded at. But couldn't get textures to work. Or something.) I gave up and just combined and retextured a couple existing meshes.
Anywhoozle, here's another update. While I watch Say Yes to the Dress.Collapse )

Grimminck Family Picspam 4
Welcome back! I know I keep promising Legacy updates, but my game's being a tad bit, how you say, fucky. I can't seem to play my legacy family without getting a crash as soon as the kids age up. And since zombnom is over I've been playing this household. But I am working on re-downloading all my CC and sorting it a hell-of-a lot better this time. If that is even possible haha. Folders inside folders inside folders! Anywhoo, here's another Grimmnick picspam.

Here we go!Collapse )

Oh boy...
I load up my legacy family, right? Right. And this is the first load since reinstalling my game on me reformatted computer. Everything is working, looks great and normal. Except... The names are all wrong! ARUGH. Best part is it's been so long I hardly remember their names haha, thank god for the adopt-a-sim having everyone's names.

Not sure why, but Gary, Paul, and Violet's names all stayed right. Tia's last name reverted back to her unmarried name, and everyone elses are completely wrong.

So now instead of playing the damn legacy I have to spend an hour renaming everyone in SimPE. I'm concerned my family's names are going to be screwy too |: I should have checked before closing the game. I also should have written down their new names so when I go looking for them in SimPE I can find them easier. But I didn't and it's already closed. So blah. Hard way it is.

Let the fun begin!

Edit: Okay, so it actually took me longer to bitch about having to fix everyones names then it actually took me to fix them >_> Now to load the game and hope I didin't bork it doing so..
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