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Oh boy...
I load up my legacy family, right? Right. And this is the first load since reinstalling my game on me reformatted computer. Everything is working, looks great and normal. Except... The names are all wrong! ARUGH. Best part is it's been so long I hardly remember their names haha, thank god for the adopt-a-sim having everyone's names.

Not sure why, but Gary, Paul, and Violet's names all stayed right. Tia's last name reverted back to her unmarried name, and everyone elses are completely wrong.

So now instead of playing the damn legacy I have to spend an hour renaming everyone in SimPE. I'm concerned my family's names are going to be screwy too |: I should have checked before closing the game. I also should have written down their new names so when I go looking for them in SimPE I can find them easier. But I didn't and it's already closed. So blah. Hard way it is.

Let the fun begin!

Edit: Okay, so it actually took me longer to bitch about having to fix everyones names then it actually took me to fix them >_> Now to load the game and hope I didin't bork it doing so..
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