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Grimminck Family Picspam 4
Welcome back! I know I keep promising Legacy updates, but my game's being a tad bit, how you say, fucky. I can't seem to play my legacy family without getting a crash as soon as the kids age up. And since zombnom is over I've been playing this household. But I am working on re-downloading all my CC and sorting it a hell-of-a lot better this time. If that is even possible haha. Folders inside folders inside folders! Anywhoo, here's another Grimmnick picspam.

 photo Sims2ep92013-05-1210-38-29-73.png

First we start with a disgruntled, half nekkid Tasha.

 photo Sims2ep92013-05-1210-39-16-55.png

Finally popped!

 photo Sims2ep92013-05-1210-41-51-16.png

And the stoopid dog peed on the floor again, in the same place.

 photo Sims2ep92013-05-1210-43-09-94.png

Keeping preggers Sims happy is a real pain in the butt.

 photo Sims2ep92013-05-1210-52-05-70.png

I also finally found the Architectural career, but broke the computer before I could say yes to it. -_-

 photo Sims2ep92013-05-1210-56-38-55.png

Susannah still loves her creative activities.

 photo Sims2ep92013-05-1210-57-07-89.png

And Steven still can't cook.

 photo Sims2ep92013-05-1211-08-34-71.png

Shardik likes to sniff everyone, all the time.

 photo Sims2ep92013-05-1211-10-44-59.png

Starving pregnant Tasha eats like 3 plates of food.

 photo Sims2ep92013-05-1211-20-33-41.png

Suddenly, Kezia is crying over some bugs in the front yard.

 photo Sims2ep92013-05-1211-23-38-23.png

But forgets about it with some red hands with Dad.

 photo Sims2ep92013-05-1211-24-23-11.png

Creativity, I'm tellin' yea.

 photo Sims2ep92013-05-1211-26-14-57.png

She was also super tired, but it was like 3pm, so I told her to just nap it off.

 photo Sims2ep92013-05-1211-33-43-19.png

In his spare time, Steven still makin' robits.

 photo Sims2ep92013-05-1211-34-51-20.png

Susannah talks to invisible strangers online.

 photo Sims2ep92013-05-1211-41-11-18.png

Kezia also really loves to stargaze as much as Susannah likes to play instruments.

 photo Sims2ep92013-05-1211-56-04-66.png

Waitin' for breaky!

 photo Sims2ep92013-05-1211-58-32-97.png

Awe look, we had a family meal!

 photo Sims2ep92013-05-1211-59-57-26.png

And Shardik stanks cause we didn't have a bathtub. I ended up renovating one of the upstairs bathrooms to have one though.

 photo Sims2ep92013-05-1212-01-13-25.png

"Brusha brusha brusha!"

 photo Sims2ep92013-05-1212-03-00-54.png

Steven zones out a bit while washing the dawg.

 photo Sims2ep92013-05-1212-06-05-62.png

"Hey! Congrats on making with the woohoo!"

 photo Sims2ep92013-05-1212-08-55-45.png

I'm pretty sure I missed the 2nd pop somewhere along the lines.

 photo Sims2ep92013-05-1212-09-42-38.png

Staring off into space again...

 photo Sims2ep92013-05-1212-10-53-68.png

 photo Sims2ep92013-05-1212-11-13-91.png

 photo Sims2ep92013-05-1212-13-05-17.png


 photo Sims2ep92013-05-1212-14-01-95.png

We have Donnie!!

 photo Sims2ep92013-05-1212-14-55-51.png

And Audrey!

 photo Sims2ep92013-05-1212-21-33-38.png

And here's a totally artistic shot of some Mustard and Bologna.

 photo Sims2ep92013-05-1212-22-26-73.png

Also instantly after giving birth I just wanted to eat all the things.

 photo Sims2ep92013-05-1212-28-47-84.png

Kezia brings home Alexander Goth from school, and promptly starts bragging about herself. And he must like her, cause he just stood their and smiled.

 photo Sims2ep92013-05-1212-39-47-24.png


 photo Sims2ep92013-05-1212-43-24-81.png

Then the fawking dog ran away.

 photo Sims2ep92013-05-1212-44-09-58.png

Stinky birthdays!

 photo Sims2ep92013-05-1212-48-26-11.png


 photo Sims2ep92013-05-1212-46-06-65.png

Then Steven broke the dishwasher stuffing a full cake into it.

And then the game crashed while I was picking toddler Audrey's hair.. SO that's all for now. Stay tuned folks!


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