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Grimminck Family Picspam 5
Hello hello again! I've recently reinstalled all my CC, and so far no problems! So I started up my Grimminck family to make sure everything was still installed. That and I redid my hair, again.

I have bangs now! And after trying to make my own mesh (Which I actually think I may have succeeded at. But couldn't get textures to work. Or something.) I gave up and just combined and retextured a couple existing meshes.

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-1117-33-23-32.png

Last time we left off with Audrey and Donnie's birthdays, so here's Audrey as a toddler!

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-1117-41-21-15.png

And here's Donnie!

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-1117-35-31-64.png

And Moi! I'm wearing ciboulettebis extreme mohawk and bangs accessory retextured with Pooklet's V3 textures and colored Primer and Dynamite by myself, and Bunhead's bangs in Primer. Now I don't wear my hair up ofter, or really at all, but it just couldn't get any other hair to work the way this actually does. So, tada!

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-1216-35-59-48.png

I had to redo the nursery due to missing the cribs n such. So I threw down the craft table in the middle of the room for more unattended skill building.

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-1216-43-50-00.png

Susannah and Kezia play some videa gams before school.

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-1216-51-31-64.png

They end up missing the bus, so Steven tries to drive them to school. But for whatever reason, he takes off without them and leaves them pillow fighting in the middle of winter.

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-1216-53-42-50.png

Everyone had been freaking out (and by everyone I really mean Kezia.) about the bugs in the front yard, so I called an exterminator to take care of the issue. Kezia felt it necessary to get involved too.

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-1216-57-07-71.png

When the bugs were dead and gone, Susannah came in to play with the synthesizer thing.

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-1217-05-44-83.png

And Kezia studies anger management.

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-1216-57-47-29.png

It's then I realize I've left myself and Steven alone for a while, and find them making out in the hot tub.

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-1217-00-59-60.png

Luckily, no chimes.

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-1217-56-02-96.png

The girls share a last lunch as children together, caaaaauseeee....

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-1217-58-51-01.png

It's now Kezia's birthday!

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-1217-59-09-02.png

Bye bye childhood!

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-1218-17-26-28.png

And here is the beautiful Kezia!

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-1218-27-27-45.png

Who knows she's hawt!

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-1218-26-01-89.png

And still cares for her dental hygiene.

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-1218-02-28-38.png

Susannah spends a little more time as a child before growing up tomorrow!

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-1218-20-32-87.png

Donnie plays with some blocks.

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-1217-57-43-58.png

And Susannah plays her favorite instrument.

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-1218-31-04-74.png

These two are adorable.

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-1218-26-37-88.png

Pancakes! I had pancakes for breakfast today too :3 at the Golden Griddle with Steven.

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-1218-34-25-50.png

Kezia ditches school. (to be honest I think I have a mod installed that keeps them from going to school. I might be wrong.)

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-1218-43-37-75.png

I send her right off to do her homework, because it's almost time for her birthday!

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-1218-44-42-11.png

Hmm? What to wish for!?

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-1218-46-44-44.png

And here's the stunning Susannah!

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-1218-37-06-54.png

After cleaning up the cake, Steven takes some time to relax.

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-1219-01-07-77.png

And while I was concerned with Susannah's makeover, THESE TWO MADE BABIES AGAIN. >:|

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-1218-58-38-73.png

But here she is! Lookin' good mah dear.

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-1219-17-58-00.png

Shardik was found!!

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-1219-20-11-47.png

Look at his big stupid face!

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-1219-30-08-26.png

These two get along well.

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-1219-40-27-83.png

And because I forgot about them in the nursery, the toddlers grew up on their own. So here's Audrey! And she is adorable!

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-1219-41-08-50.png

And here's Donnie!

And that's all for now!


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