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Grimminck Family Picspam 7
Ah yes, hello again folks! I got a wonderful new graphics card (and pretty much a new everything but HDD and case...) and the gumption to actually play my game after taking some new icon photos, so here's another Grimminck family update! And I know, I know, I keep saying I'll get back to my legacy. And I will, someday. They are all still kicking around, I hope. Knock on wood, cause I haven't loaded them since I reinstalled everything on Sheila Mark III.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1417-48-30-93.png

I can't remember who stocked the fish tank, but Steven sure likes to watch the fish.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1417-50-13-39.png

But let's start off with the middle children's birthdays. Audry is up first!

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1417-53-52-37.png

And then Donnie!

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1418-10-34-76.png
So here's Audry all teen'd up!

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1418-22-56-58.png

Donnie plays the part of angsty teen very well.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1417-53-11-20.png

Shortly after Donnie's birthday, everyone goes back to ignoring pretty much everyone else. Except I take some time to dance with Mia!

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1417-56-36-15.png

Like father, like son. Susannah seems to think Alain's a bit bizarre, though.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1418-12-36-67.png

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1418-12-09-02.png

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1418-11-56-19.png

Then everyone runs off the the study? to do their own things.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1418-25-02-02.png

Kezia destroys the bathroom.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1418-13-27-36.png

Then goes out to stargaze a bit.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1418-26-56-10.png

I then realized I had no clue where Susannah was, and found her chillin' in the hot tub.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1418-25-39-81.png

Angsty teen Donnie takes out some of his frustration on the violin. He must be playing some Dreadnoughts.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1418-33-39-99.png

Kezia continues to be a little bitch ;D

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1418-36-04-19.png


 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1418-29-36-24.png

A less-than-impressed Kezia calls for a repairman to come fix the shit she broke |:

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1418-37-35-86.png

Mia's fun had tanked, so I sent her to amuse her self somehow.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1418-53-37-20.png

Turns out like 3 sinks were broken...

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1418-40-15-55.png

I lost Steven for a moment, and found him in the backyard playing fetch with Shardik

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1514-32-31-19.png

Donnie brought home this fella from school, his name is Johnny something-er-other.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1514-42-21-62.png

I think the only reason Johnny wanted to come over was to hit on one of Donnie's 3 teen sisters.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1514-40-31-65.png

I bust out some pretty intense moves to Steven's awful piano playing.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1418-54-56-76.png

Kezia and Susannah play a little pool together. I swear, Susannah is the only one Kezia gets along with.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1514-51-43-02.png

Donnie and Johnny hang out in the living room...

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1514-53-59-11.png

Then suddenly everyone needs to be in this little hang out session. And everyone gets reaaaaally close to Kezia.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1515-00-52-06.png

All of the sudden, just after asking Johnny to leave, Shardik comes dashing into the room and growls at Kezia.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1515-03-24-76.png

Two seconds later he's all lovey with Donnie.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1515-29-33-67.png

I decided to send the teens off to try and meet some peeps.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1515-34-15-08.png

They ended up playing Don't Wake the Llama at the secret gaming lot thingy.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1515-35-06-42.png

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1515-36-28-46.png

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1515-37-02-82.png

Angsty Donnie is a sore loser.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1515-39-18-88.png

Then the maid showed up to play and everyones like "Nope. Seeya."

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1516-03-59-93.png

Back at home, Steven spends some quality time with Mia and Alain.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1516-05-48-75.png

Donnie doesn't take to kindly to receiving noogies.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1516-09-26-34.png

And it's that time again! It's Kezia's birthday!

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1516-45-01-07.png

-wolf whistle- She's a fox ;)

Tis' all for now folks! See y'all next time.


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