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Grimminck Family Picspam 8
Hello again! Have some more picspam. It's good for growing boys and girls you know.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1616-43-33-52.png

Steven's thinking about th wonderful meal he's just consumed, while I flip my shit in the background. "How dare you enjoy that meal! Guh you make me so mad!" Caaaaalm down there girly.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1616-45-50-03.png

Like good little kiddlets, they are off doing all their homework. Had they been good little kiddlets yesterday, they'd only have one thing of homework to do!

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1616-49-46-56.png

Susannah and Audry share a friendly game of chess together.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1616-51-31-21.png

And it looks as if I've forgiven him for enjoying his dinner.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1616-52-56-24.png

Kezia has the want to get fit, so I sent her off to the totally-never-used-once home gym in the basement, and she's not very good with the treadmill...

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1616-55-01-69.png

Mia's face was stuck in this awkward grumpy look for like 3 Sim hours, so here's a back shot of the kids playing. (Steven, in real life, thought her face was hilarious.)

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1617-03-31-61.png

Kezia's also the only one to ever even touch the sauna.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1617-19-16-32.png

Everyone was super tired at like 2pm so I sent everyone to take naps on one of the many, and I mean many, couches we have in the house. I, however got myself some espresso.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1617-21-50-67.png

Susannah didn't like that idea, or something, cause she promptly came in and started playing the piano and woke up poor Kezia.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1617-25-01-33.png

Then this dog comes running thought my house and off the lot. I tried to make Shardik sniff her, but she wanted no part of that apparently.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1617-28-32-76.png

Kezia works on her cooking skill. And while I still want to see all the teens grow into adults, I think I've pretty much decided Kezia is going to be the heir.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1617-29-59-18.png

Like I said though, theres like at least 5 couches in this house. One of which is in the youngest kids room, and happens to be the smallest of them all. Of course Steven would have to cram himself onto that one.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1617-32-19-06.png

Oh yea, the computer broke. This is the 3rd time this laydee has had to come out to the house to fix shit.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1617-33-57-26.png

Kezia was watching some kinda movie, and then Shardik decided he wanted to join in.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1617-35-51-15.png

With the computer back up and running, I sent Steven to see if he could find that Military job he wants. Of course he didn't.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1617-38-08-46.png

I guess Susannah is easily amused like her father.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1617-40-04-37.png

Donnie was trying to check out the maid, and instead ended up playing with Shardik.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1617-56-13-78.png

What's this! Birthday time again! This time it's Susannah, Alain, and Mia! Cause you know I have to end every update with some sort of birthday, right?

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1617-58-04-00.png

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1617-58-59-85.png

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1617-59-41-71.png

Sadly it looks like I neglected a lot of Susannah's wants, and she grew up badly. Soooo she went a little coocoo for coco puffs.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1618-21-54-15.png

But! She got her act together, and is now a beautiful adult. Who cries about not going to college. A lot.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1618-23-01-61.png

Random dog fight, interrupting the birthday celebrations!

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1618-53-10-16.png

Then we have Alain, who's face is very... Sharp.

 photo Sims2ep92014-04-1619-01-09-78.png

And Mia! Also sharp.

And that's all for now! I've got some new skins to geneticize and install, and I'm gonna go back to playing! Next time, we find Kezia a lover! ;)


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