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[sticky post]Relocation Notice
I've started getting more and more active in the Sims community, which is something entirely new for me. Normally I just lurk and keep to myself and never talk to anyone, online and in real life. It's mostly all on Tumblr that I'm being social, but I'm known on there as Zabadoo. I wanted to change over my LJ name to Zabadoo, but I can't really afford $15 just to change my name. So the second best thing was just make a new account and start over. Unfortunately, that plan backfired as well. The name Zabadoo is attached to a purged account and I can only use it by doing what I can't do, buying a name change token and changing it. So I went to the other alternative, and made my self a Dreamwidth account. From here on out, I'll be posting updates 'n junk on there. This journal will still be up though, and I'll be linking to it from my Dreamwidth too.

So, I guess this is goodbye LiveJournal, it's been fun n such!

Click on over here for my new Sims Journal.

Long days and pleasant nights, Simmers.


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