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The end of a Legacy
Oooo, how dramatic is that title?

I've decided with the coming of The Sims 4, and the lack of playing them in the time before that, that I'm going to stop the Cheeky Legacy. But I'm still gonna have their posts here, their Sims in the Adopt-a-Sim, and them in my TS2 game (unless, god forbid, something happens to the game and I loose everyone.). Sorry to anyone who may have read it and wanted more, or anyone who finds them and likes it or whatever.

While they aren't legacy's, I'd encourage you to check out my PicSpams, that are originally started here and got continued on my Dreamwidth page. I will, more then likely, start a new legacy there at some point. Be it in TS2 or TS4. For TS3, you can check out Nikolai Blackwood on my Simblr.



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