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3 December
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a gift of magic, across the universe, against me!, along came a spider, american psycho 2, americas most wanted, anatomy of a boyfriend, bbabh, before i die, billy talent, blue bloods, bobnoxious, crunch time, cut, daft punk, danko jones, dante's peak, daughters of eve, disturbed, donnie darko, drowning pool, endgame, evil genius, extras, finger eleven, flipped, fly on the wall, flyleaf, forever…, friday the 13th, gallows hill, get smart, ghost busters, ghost world, grease, halo: the graphic novel, hard candy, head games, hello operator, hitman, house, how it's made, illscarlett, infomercials, iron maiden, ironman, juno, killing britney, kiss the girls, koЯn, machines of malice, megadeth, metallica, midnighters: the secret hour, moulin rouge, multiple choice, myth busters, nickelback, nightmare on elm street, one missed call, peeps, pretties, pulse, red hot chili peppers, red rage, rise against, rob zombie, roses are red, seether, so yesterday, speak, specials, stay alive, stone sour, stoner & spaz, stranger with my face, streetlight manifesto, summer of fear, system of a down, the bermudez triangle, the birds, the blue girl, the boy book, the boyfriend list, the brimstone journals, the dark knight, the giver, the happening, the last days, the offspring, the sorority trilogy, the spiderwick chronicles, the strangers, the weird al show, theory of a deadman, three days grace, transformers, trivium, tropic thunder, true meaning of cleavage, twister, u.h.f., uglies, vampire kisses, vampire kisses 2, vampire kisses 3, volcano, walking tall, wall-e, wanted, x-play